The Women’s March reveals the rise of women’s power in our society and confirms the influence of the United States over the world

People were arriving in droves around Grosvenor Square, on the 21th of January. Around 12:00 pm hundreds of placards, hundreds of colors, hundreds of slogans and more than one hundred thousand of people were there for the women’s march on London.

Women, men and children were gathering in front of the US Embassy, inside Grosvenor Square and below President F. Roosevelt feet, to protest in response of Donald Trump’s inauguration. They stood up this Saturday because they fear for their rights and their freedom. They spoke up to fight for women and human rights, and against racism and sexism. And, they showed up, raising awareness on the impact Trump’s words and ideas could have upon the society.

Indeed, the new president of the United-States has purposely called to the racial hate, denied women rights and demonstrated sexism behavior, every time publicly. The issue is not to investigate on the truthfulness of his words, if he meant them or not. The issue is that M. Donald J Trump has been one of the most popular and mediatized person since more than height months. He is now representing one of the most powerful country, as one of the most influential person of the world. His words count, have an impact and it matters that women, men and children do not stay unresponsive to a normatization of sexism and racism.

Nonetheless, behind protests and affronts, the women’s march has highlighting the massive influence the United States have over the world. 650 marches were organized in 60 different countries. A historical and political event confirming the exceptional power of the United States in a “free world”. People from around the world were marching for solidarity toward American people, but it also seemed that they were marching fearing the impact, any economic, environmental or social policy taken by President Trump would have on their own country and on their own life.

Moreover, with approximately 750,000 persons marching in Los Angeles, 500,000 in Washington D.C, 250,000 in New York and 100,000 in London and Portland, the women’s march is an outstanding result, highlighting the rise of women’s power and recognition in our society. At the corner of Trafalgar Square, the vision of a man raising a placard defending women rights not far from two representatives of the suffragettes, stays a historical moment in the women’s fight for equality.

img_5313    img_5315

The march was progressing from Picadilly to Pall Mall, punctuated by light protesting slogans such as “Donald Trump has got to go”; “Women rights are here to stay” ; “we want freedom, racist, sexist, systems we don’t need them”, and other, well more provocative “Pussy fights back”; “Try grabbing this pussy”, suggesting a deep public anger toward Trump’ statements. Few examples above:

(See videos of the protest here)

img_5319   img_5318

img_5317  img_5320

img_5321 img_5323  img_5331


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